Your Soul, Crafted by Artisan Hands

Our favorite jewelry is usually an expression of who we are. It could be a symbol with special meaning or a sentimental piece that was handed down to you. It could even be a color or stone that simply calls you.

If you’re looking for one of a kind piece that captures your authentic spirit, I’d love to collaborate with you. Or, if you already have an idea in mind, I can customize jewelry to your exact specifications.

Perhaps you have an older piece that now feels outdated. By working together, we can turn it into a work of art that you’ll love to wear again.

Whatever your desire, this one-on-one approach will ensure that your jewelry is beautiful, meaningful and also highly personal.

To collaborate with me on a piece that truly represents you, contact me directly at xxx

I look forward to working together. -Itay


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Bringing Art Into jewelry