About Itay Yona

Each one of Itay’s pieces is individually and lovingly handcrafted. Organic, seductive and elegant at once, they are a meditation on the spirit and how it shines through earthly beauty to resonate in our soul.

His dedication to the craft of jewelry making began 24 years ago. Inspired by the alluring nature of gemstones, he first mastered the painstakingly delicate art of wire wrapping with semiprecious stones.  Over time, his work evolved to include diamonds and precious metals.This talent for blending raw elements with luxurious touches makes his jewelry uniquely refined and yet supremely wearable.

Itay is a longtime resident of Los Angeles but is still inspired by the variety of ethnic influences he experienced growing up in the Mediterranean. Each one of his designs is imbued with his soulful approach and he finds great satisfaction in creating pieces his clients will cherish.

Itay is also dedicated to healthy living and is thankful for the peace and inspiration of his yoga practice. Above all, he is a passionate believer in embracing the ephemeral and precious beauty in everyday life. 

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